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Discovering Happiness Through Flow


It can be easy to get caught up in the belief that once we achieve something, like wealth, a certain body shape, the career of our dreams, the partner we’ve been looking for, that then we will finally be happy.

It’s easy to get lost in this story because our modern day world is built on consumerism which intends for us to beli...

Posted July 10, 2014 by Casey: Read more from Casey

Warm Cauliflower Hemp Seed Pesto


I love a good pesto.

The fresh basil which takes me back to my adventures in Italy.

The pungent garlic and zesty lemon.

The fat that adds creaminess and richness, giving pesto its indulgent feeling, at least for me.

Last night I wanted to bring these complexities of the pesto experience together in a different way. I ...

Posted July 10, 2014 by Casey: Read more from Casey

Japanese Sweet Potato Salad


This is a new recipe I’m totally in love with.

It’s also a bit of a “cheat” recipe, as I use a store bought dressing. But I plan on recreating my own version of this very soon so stay tuned! And in the meantime, if you can’t access this particular dressing, I encourage to either try recreating it on your own,...

Posted June 4, 2014 by Casey: Read more from Casey

A simple strategy to improve digestion


Great digestion is a cornerstone to having excellent health. What we digest, assimilate and then eliminate is what forms our cells.

If we aren’t eating high quality, healthy whole foods we don’t have much chance at long term health and sustained energy.

If we don’t properly assimilate the nutrients from those heal...

Posted May 29, 2014 by Casey: Read more from Casey