Beat Seasonal Allergies


Spring is a beautiful time of year. New life begins to blossom all around us, bringing a sense of fresh opportunity and a renewed desire to get outside and enjoy being in nature.

While it can be a wonderful time of year, many millions of people across the world dread Spring time. Sneezing, itching, nose blowing and eye rubbing takes any joy out of the season.

For most sufferers, pollen becomes an enemy to fear and battle, and leaving the house means dosing up on allergy medications, tissues and checking pollen counts. And this irritating cycle is repeated year after year.

What many people don’t know is that you don’t have to suffer with seasonal allergies. They can be overcome so that you never have to suffer from them again.

This takes improving your health and building up a strong immune system through a clean diet and the correct immune boosting supplements.


Eating a diet heavy in processed foods, dairy, gluten, soy and fatty meats can significantly contribute to seasonal allergies. These foods are highly inflammatory and can weaken your organs and immune system so that you are more likely to suffer with seasonal allergies.

Instead focus on eating an unprocessed whole foods diet based primarily on large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.

This doesn’t mean having a small salad and a few pieces of fruit a day, although that’s a great start. It means making most of your meals and snacks (think 80% or more) fresh fruits and vegetables.

The more of these nutrient rich, healing foods you eat and the less of the processed foods, dairy, meat and grains, the more quickly you will reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

You’ll also enjoy other likely benefits like weight loss, improved mood, clearer thinking, healthier hair, skin and nails, and just be generally healthier and happier!


Nature has provided us with the medicinal foods we need to heal. Some of the most potent for immune building and healing seasonal allergy symptoms are: ChagaReishi, Astragalus and Barleygrass Juice Extracts.

Each of these potent plant extracts work to lift and strengthen the immune system, nourish all the cells and organs, and give you more energy. They are a perfect combination to build the health of your body so that with consistent use, you can reduce and even eliminate seasonal allergy symptoms in time.

Chaga Extract

An incredible medicinal mushroom that has mind blowing levels of antioxidants and healing properties. An essential addition to an immune boosting regime.

Astragalus Extract

A perfect, powerful all-rounder for strengthening your immune system. Here’s a quick article on Astragalus in the Huffington Post sharing some of its many benefits.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

One of the most powerful plants in the world for strengthening the immune system and building overall health.

BarleyGrass Juice Extract

BarleyGrass Juice is one of the most nutritionally rich foods in nature and quickly alkalizes the body, helping to ward off any symptoms of ill health (like seasonal allergies).

You can find these herbs together in the Advanced Immune Support kit.

We love to use each of these herbs all year long for optimal health, but they can also be used seasonally for a powerful punch of additional immune support.

By Casey on April 22, 2015 : (Read more from Casey)

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