Blueberry Chocolate Pie Recipe

Blueberries, blueberries, how I love blueberries.

I went blueberry picking for the first time with some friends last weekend, and had a great time. The weather was nice and sunny and the blueberries were plump and ready to be eaten. We went to Litchberry Hills Blueberry Farm in Plymouth, CT. They charge $15 for a giant bucket of blueberries. It probably would have been about 6-8 times the price if we bought it in the store.

The blueberries went quick as we made a pie, and ate the rest the next day. Some people thought the pie would have been better without the chocolate topping, but I enjoyed it with.


Blueberry Chocolate Pie

Crust Ingredients
2 c Sunflower Seeds (2 parts)
1 c Cashews (1 part)
Dates (about 10-18)


  • Blend all slowly in food processor.
  • Hand mold into crust on pie plate.


Filling Ingredients

Blueberries (you decide how much)
1 Banana, peeled
Agave to taste (use Clear Agave only, or raw honey)


  1. Blend blueberries, banana, and agave/honey in food processor.
  2. Add whole blueberries and mix together.
  3. Add filling on top of crust.


Chocolate Topping Ingredients

Cacao Powder to taste (find the right bitterness for you)
Agave to taste
2 avocado, cubed
1 pinch sea salt


  • Blend all in food processor and spread over top of pie.
  • Devour

In my opinion the pie tastes the best the second day after the chocolate topping hardens a bit. This is quick and easy, and if you’re afraid of creating recipes without all the measurements, then this is the perfect test for you.

Happy picking,

Philip McCluskey

By Philip on August 2, 2007 : (Read more from Philip)


4 responses to “Blueberry Chocolate Pie Recipe”

  1. Monica Zepeda Schultz says:

    yum!! i’m going to make this. can you share your theory on agave. i heard good and bad things and now i’m super confused :o( i love this stuff as i don’t need to use much. please advice

  2. Vanessa says:

    OF COURSE the blueberry pie was better WITH the chocolate.

    There’s nothing better than picking your own food – making the direct connection with fruit borne of the union between Mother Earth and Father Sun…

  3. Epy and Tim says:

    Hi Philip, blueberry picking sounded like fun and the blueberry pie looked scrumptious! I think I will try just the filling and eat it as a pudding desert.Interesting article about bottled water…..I sometimes question the taste of bottled water and now I know why! Keep up the great work in eating healthy….love you, ma and tim xxxoooxxx

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