Aug 30
The Truth About Food Labels & More Strong Is Sexy!

The Truth About Food Labels

(source) When it comes to reading and interpreting food labels, I could talk for two hours and still not have given you all the information you need to be a savvy shopper (and in fact I do when I run...

Aug 18
What Is The Best Type of Water

What Is The Best Type of Water?

We all know that the human body is made up primarily of water. The amount of water in an average weight male in generally around 57% of his total body weight, while an infant can be as high as 75%. A...

Aug 9
Coffee Replacements

Coffee Replacements

Ok no need to yell! I know that nothing can really replace coffee in the eyes of a true coffee addict . I have many clients who come to me looking for help to improve their health, body, energy and l...


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