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Jul 10

Warm Cauliflower Hemp Seed Pesto

I love a good pesto. The fresh basil which takes me back to my adventures in Italy. The pungent garlic and zesty lemon. The fat that adds creaminess and richness, giving pesto its indulgent f...

Jun 4

Japanese Sweet Potato Salad

This is a new recipe I'm totally in love with. It's also a bit of a "cheat" recipe, as I use a store bought dressing. But I plan on recreating my own version of this very soon so stay tuned! And in...

May 28
Fire_and_Ice_Watermelon_Mint _Juice

Fire And Ice Watermelon Mint Juice

Watermelon is one of my very favorite foods. I spent my childhood detesting it and I have no idea why because there's little that tastes better to me now. On a hot day, there's nothing like a big juic...

May 14

Springtime Mango and Herb Salad Dressing

I've been loving a mix of creamy and fruity salads lately. Salads with fresh crisp greens, juicy and crunchy vegetables, creamy avocado slices and my new favorite fruit based dressing. This dressing i...

May 6

Fruit And Herb Infused Fancy Water

This past weekend we had some friends over. It was an afternoon party that happily turned into a spontaneous dance party once darkness hit. Pretty much my ideal day right there :). Our friends who ...

Apr 30

Mango Salsa Lettuce Tacos

The weather has really warmed up the last few days and all I've been craving is the juiciest of fruits and vegetables. My days are filled with an abundance of fresh vegetable juice, green smoothies an...

Apr 23
Tahitian_Vanilla_Mango_lime _Smoothie

Tahitian Vanilla Mango Lime Smoothie

This smoothie tastes as heavenly as it sounds. I've made this smoothie almost daily for the last week and a half and I don't see that stopping anytime soon. Why would I stop when it tastes so good,...