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Exploring Maine

Posted on September 2, 2008

I was in NYC a couple weeks ago hanging out with my good friend Jenny aka Wyldegirl.  We had discussed me visiting Maine for a mini getaway for a while now, and as we were both together in the city, with her needing to get home, and open schedules, the situation presented itself for me to visit.  So we drove back to Maine together.

I was so excited to visit.  I had been to Maine before, but this time I would get to explore Jenny’s workshop and garden, organic markets, and the beautiful landscapes that have inspired her creative writing, that of which I have been drinking up for the past year or so.

A Woman named Wyldegirl
Jenny is one of the most remarkable women I have ever met.  She is as gifted and talented as they come.  She can pick up her laptop and write words that will simply dance in your head, inspire growth, stimulate your imagination, and help you feel at peace in the world.  Here is an except from one of her latest blogs:

“on the cobblestone part of Fore Street there is a tiny hole in the wall treasure trove of nautical antiques- smelling of salt and dust and watched over by the most amazing Maine gentleman and his 50 year old parrot Singapore.  When he opens up, you feel as if you’re suddenly part of what he’s seen in dark corners of the world as well as the nooks and crannies of our own country.  I’ll be a bit sad when the sea calls him again and one day I visit and the store is empty, but wish him adventure wherever he goes.”

Jenny’s primary profession is being a jeweler and metalsmith-ess.  She makes the most amazing pieces – and they are all unique, sustainable, organic, and salvaged.  Each piece is handcrafted from recycled materials and in a low impact fashion.  She designs everything from bracelets and pendants, to earrings and vintage leather pieces.  Her work is already being carried in some exclusive galleries in Maine and New Zealand, as well as through her online website, and her etsy site.  For those Pure Food and Wine fans, check out owner Sarma Melngailis’s wrist the next time you are there and you will find a custom One Lucky Duck piece complete with the duck logo and cacao nibs that Jenny made for her.  It won’t be long before Jenny’s work will be adorning the necks and wrists of Marc Jacob’s runway models, so you might want to place your order now.  My custom designed talisman is already in the works.

And to top off my visit – Jenny taught me how to knit.  Organic homespun yarn in one hand, and bamboo knitting needles in the other, I am ready to roll.  Now if I could just find the time…

Know Fear
For years I did nothing.  Weighing 400 lbs and literally living a life of walking back and forth from my car, work, and home.  No adventures, no exploring, none of the things I loved to do as a kid.  It was really heartbreaking, but the fact of the matter was that I forgot the joy of simple pleasures, and those that I did remember I was too heavy to enjoy.  When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was to run and climb across rocks and boulders alongside the ocean.  I would hide in little nooks and mini-caves, poke and play with crabs and other unidentifiable ocean life, and basically view life through innocent eyes.

Well… I got a chance to remember again, and not just remember, but live it.  Jenny brought me to a secluded beach not too far from her house that was covered with rocks, caves, and plenty to discover.  I immediately started climbing, as if I had never stopped.  I had a quick flash of fear come over me as I was jumping from rock to rock.  Fear tried to speak to me and say, “You are too big to be doing this,” and “you will hurt your knees and fall.”  I have been putting fear it its place lately, and did so in this case as I just laughed at its prompts.  Besides if I manifest my own reality, what could really happen that wasn’t supposed to, or that I didn’t create anyway.  Everything is perfect.  Always.

Wings on my feet

So I jumped to my hearts content.  Flying through to air, with the wind brushing against my face like an old friend.  Climbing and scaling mini-rock walls, leaning my body against the stone with just my heels on a tiny ledge, imagining pirates and ninjas all around.  The smell of salt in the air, the sun energizing my body… it was one of my most joyful experiences to date.  Even sitting here in Canada preparing to speak at the Simply Raw Festival, I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed thinking about my adventures as a child – and now reliving them as an adult.

Btw… now that I have started, I won’t be stopping.
Divine innocence is still available to all of us.

** For more Maine pics click here.

Summer, with the Winters.
People comment all the time on the amount of synchronicities that they start to experience as a raw foodist.  I have been enjoying them all the time now, almost daily, along with dejavu more frequently than ever.  I believe synchronicities are always there, but many on the SAD diet are so weighed down and chemically altered from the food that they eat that it can be hard to see them, or follow our conscious which often leads us in their direction.

That being said, as I was driving to Maine with Jenny I decided to check my email via my trusty iPhone.  It said I had a new message on my Giveittomeraw page.  So I checked the page and found a message from Layla Winters saying that her son Andre was having a birthday on Thursday, and how he really enjoyed listening to my talks and reading my blogs and wondered if there was any way I could call her son to wish him a happy birthday.  I checked her profile and found that she lived in Maine.  I dug a little further and found out from Jenny that the city she lives is was only 15 minutes away from her.  An act of serendipity, I think not.  No luck here, just pure synchronicities in full effect.

I called up Layla and asked if instead of just calling, how she would like it if I showed up instead, and celebrated Andre’s birthday together with her family.  She said yes and was so excited.  Fast forward to Thursday.  I did my research and found out that the Winters are famous.  TLC did a show on their family of 13, all who wear simple homemade clothing, are home schooled, run a family store, and share their life with an emu, goats, sheep, a peacock, 7 dogs, and a whole school of chickens.

When I got there the whole family was waiting outside for me.  I received hugs and was welcomed with love.  I explored their property, lovely home, and just really got an opportunity to get to know them.  Upon entering the kitchen I found 7 cases of young coconuts and giant boxes of fruit.  At first I was shocked, but then realized that is what is needed when feeding 11 growing children.  We had fun talking about the raw lifestyle, cracking open coconuts and making smoothies, and laughing while watching our favorite YouTube videos together.  Five hours later, after much fun was had and I was getting ready to head out, I was treated to some acapella singing by Destiny and Tzietel, and then finally a song sung by the whole family.  It really felt like I was on the set of The Sound of Music (which I adore).  I felt surrounded my love.

Thank you for making me feel warm and welcomed.  Much love to: James, Layla, Destiny, Nadia, Andre, Tzietel, Chavaleh, Zimra, Zoya, Zhenya, Tzipporah, Zahavah, Julian… and all the dogs, emu, peacock, sheeps, goats, and chickens.

So whether you’re overcoming a fear, exploring new lands, or meeting new people, keep your eyes peeled for synchronicities, signs, and magical expressions of life… and always remember to keep smiling.

We are creating heaven on earth.

All my love,



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7 Responses to “Exploring Maine”

  1. Tricia says:

    Hello! First off you are very inspiring with not only your weight loss but your zeal and vigor to live and show others how to live the raw lifestyle. I was glad I stumbled on this page and read about this writer;- I’m from Maine, the Bangor area- it’s so hard to find other people interested in this way of life around here.

    I found your site in the beginning of my journey- I was amazed at how there’s this rather large community that I’d never even known about until just six months ago!

    Thank you for posting such truly amazing articles and videos!
    Take care, Tricia.

  2. Nathalie says:

    It’s been 23 years since I had done a handstand. Today I played out in the grass with my kids and did one (after a couple of tries I was surprised I still could!) … plus rollie pollies, stars and other crazy things. Thanks for inspiring me to be a kid again.
    Much love to you Philip.

  3. I don’t understand this but something awesome is happening. Every single time I read something you wrote or watch one of your videos, I get all teary eyed -why?

    I have no idea except that I feel a powerful connection to your gentle soul.

    I also fully believe that life is full of incredible synchronicity, signs, and magical expressions of life for those who are "aware" and on the lookout for them. God bless you.

    Stephen Hopson

  4. Rawbin says:

    Wow! What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing your WyldeGirl trip and your visit to the VonTrapFamily emu farm.

    I’ve had a few of those light footed moments recently. Lately, as I climbed through a fence, jumped onto a platform, or climbed atop of something, I realize, "hey, I’m not too big!"

    Fun isn’t it??

  5. Philip McCluskey says:

    Thank you for your love everyone…. Deb… I am still learning!!!

  6. debbie says:

    Hey mister, btw, Knitting is so cool, love that you learned. I crochet.. maybe you can teach me to knit?
    love deb

  7. Rachel says:

    Wow, Phlip! Your words thrill me…I feel so lucky to be able to hear about the wonderful things you are doing and your posts really inspire me to go even higher, live bigger, and approach every moment with adventure! The 10-year-old in me thanks you for the reminder to play. Know fear! I have nothing to lose because I never had anything to begin with…how can I make this moment the best, most blissful, most adventurous ever?!
    I am coming to Raw Spirit, I decided at the last minute…Why wait? I am joining Charles in the sleeping bag brigade and may be sleeping under the stars. I feel so free!
    Lots of love,

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