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How Traveling Became My Teacher

Posted on August 25, 2011
How Traveling Became My Teacher

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After being on the move for nearly 4 years, I have come to realize that travel has been such a big part of my life, and also one of my greatest teachers and tools for growth.

In this video I share with you:

  • How traveling became my teacher, and is ever hard at times
  • How I experience growth through travel, and why I go back for more
  • The things I carry with me when I travel
  • Why I travel to other countries, and what I get from it
  • What happens to me when I’m on an airplane
  • How to break free from complacency to reveal your true nature
  • How growth is needed to overcome issues, and set others (and yourself) free

You… yes you, is the reason why I continue on. Thank you.

I am so honored that you are a part of my life,

Philip McCluskey

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