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Keeping it Raw in San Fran

Posted on October 24, 2008

They just opened another Café Gratitude!

Ok you caught me, I’ve been playing in San Francisco again. Right now I’m in San Luis Obispo, but I just spent the last two weeks enjoying the Bay Area, and wanted to share the latest report with you.

Café Gratitude Gives It To Me Raw
Ok seriously, Café Gratitude did just open another location in California.  Matthew and Terces, owners of Café G, are reppin raw foods in 5 locations now, in just 5 years.  That is amazing!  From the birth of their “Abounding River” board game came the inspiration to provide a café with nutritious raw food.  Now they serve over 1,500 people per day, and are really holding a “space of love” for the transformation and growth of their community.

I also hosted a GI2MR dinner there last Saturday night.  We had almost 30 people show up, with some people driving from almost 4 hours away.  The night was a blast with conscious conversation, delicious food, as a surprise dance party.  That’s right, a dance party!  It was the first time the staff ever did it, but they just blasted the music and everyone started dancing for like 10 minutes.  All of the staff, and almost every patron got up and started dancing in all the aisles.  At one point we even had a giant dance train going throughout the restaurant.  It was so much fun and really brought the inner child out in everyone.

There were plenty of old friends there like Kristi, Uti, and Shana, and wonderful new ones like Sara, Elaina Love from Berkeley and Richard the Synergy Chef  from Sacramento.  Thank you for everyone attending, and for those that went to the afterparty…. the choco with almonds was the bomb.

Party Time
The second party I went to was at a guy named Hunters house.  We met briefly that night, but then that was that.  I was too mesmerized with the two women fire dancing and the outrageously delicious raw cakes and ormus drinks that were graciously fed to me.  They also broke out into an inspirational art creating session, complete with airbrushing… both the canvas and their bodies.

And the third party I hit up was at Melodia and Rebecca’s home.  You might have caught these two goddesses at Melodia’s clothing booth at Raw Spirit Festival.  She designs beautiful Goddess wear designed to hug the spots you want them to, and be flowy in those spots you don’t.

Elaina Love was the master of the kitchen at this party and we all worked together under her guidance to create an amazing Indian meal, complete with naan non-bread.  Also got the pleasure to hug my friend Kenny Sunshine who was there, and also Vatra, the fire spinner that rocked out at the Raw Spirit Festival.

Free Food
Every street I walked there was fresh fig trees, prickly pears, and citrus galore.  I got to harvest a couple handfuls of deliciously red figs… but didn’t want to press my lucky with the prickly pear.  Oh, and the farmers market and organic market prices are a joke compared to NY.  Some things where literally half price!

More Bay Area pics here.

Lovingraw… *naked? 
A friend and I drove down to the Esalen Institute on the Big Sur for a soak in the therapeutic hot springs and a full body massage.  Esalen was started in the 60’s and was devoted to the exploration of human potential, and was a bit of a hippie stop over for those traveling the Big Sur.  Now it is more of a retreat center where people live and work in a communal setting.  Guests are welcomed to join programs ranging from meditation to massage, yoga, psychology, ecology, spirituality, art, music, and much more.

Naked?  Yep, you heard it here first; I let it all hang out.  Bathing at Esalen is outdoors, co-ed, and nude.  I have never been nude in public so there was a little trepidation.  First walking into a co-ed dressing room with body parts everywhere.  Then co-ed showers, and bathing, in the warm sulfur smelling hot springs.  But what I found was the fear dissipated rather quickly as I switched from my left hemisphere to my right a bit, and realized we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and the thought of being shy is almost ridiculous.

After that was released the rest of the time went fantastic.  My masseuse met me at the pool and walked me to the massage table.  I laid there naked with nothing but a small hand towel over my butt, vertically… but then received the best massage of my life.  I don’t know how many times I fell asleep and woke up in my drool during that 90-minute session but let me tell you, being nude was long forgotten and being in the moment was what it was all about.

Oh and no pics this time around.  : )

And here’s a little something for your next visit to San Francisco…

7 Ways to “Get Raw” in the Bay Area

  1. Visit Café Gratitude (Berkeley location is my favorite)
  2. Shop at Rainbow Grocery (most amazing store ever)
  3. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge (go ahead, take the picture)
  4. Rent a scooter and zip around downtown (see pics of Vinit and me)
  5. Check out the Haight-Ashbury district (indulge your inner hippie)
  6. Japanese Tea Garden (I missed it this time around)
  7. If you’re daring, drive south and flash a moon at the Esalen Institute.

Upcoming LA Event
And if you’re a little more south catch me at Au Lac restaurant on Saturday the 25th. I will be giving a lecture there on “Transforming Your Life,” followed by an amazing pre-fix dinner from Chef Ito. Click here for event details and to sign up.

Bringing the Raw Food Thunder,



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