Kim Eng On Stillness

Kim Eng On Stillness

My good friend Dhrumil Purohit, founder of Welikeitraw and parnter with The Clean Program, hosted at spectacular event this past weekend at Urban Zen in NYC. 

Kim Eng of Eckhart Teachings shared a talk on “Women and Spirituality.”  The talk was on the vital role of Yin (the feminine) in the spiritual awakening of both women and men. 

Yup, I snuck in when nobody was looking.  Eckchart is one of the few teachers that I love to listen to, so I wasn’t going to miss this event, even if I had to wear a dress to get in!

Kim Eng travels and works extensively with Eckhart Tolle, the author of the best-selling books, The Power of Now and A New Earth, taking his teaching around the world. She is Eckhart’s partner and associate.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Kim’s spiritual search began in the early 1980’s. She met Eckhart in 1998, and soon after, went through a transformational spiritual experience while attending one of his retreats. This was followed by seven years of intense spiritual training and unfoldment, after which she began counseling and showing others how to discover their own inner teacher and healer.


As Kim entered the room and approach the stage we welcomed her in stillness. No noise, no clapping… stillness.  What a wonderful way to welcome such a beautiful being of light.  After sitting Kim appeared to be looking at each and every person in the room, for a moment, right in the eyes.  She did this with a smile of contentment on her face and again, in stillness.  The moment captured me.

The space felt more sacred by the second.  Sometimes my mind seems to be running a 100 miles an hour when in the city so I welcomed this moment of silence, every talk should start like this!

The moment.  The present moment.  It felt deep in that room.  Like I had been rooted in the moment more than ever before.  As she began to speak I heard her words, but also paid attention to how I was feeling, and the energy in the room.  Thoughts were there, but dissapating quickly as I soaked in our collective stillness.

Kims talk was fantastic, and brought a nice twist to Eckhart’s teachings.  Most people are familiar with Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, The New Earth, and overnight household name after doing an entire series on Oprah.  Kim shared about the importance of stillness, and how at our core, beneath each and every one of us, is stillness.  You may have lots of thoughts and worry and “life” on top of that stillness, but stillness is underneath it all none the less.


I really wanted to ask Kim a question, but decided to wait until later on when Dhrumil and I took her out to Pure Food & Wine for dinner.  My question was regarding relationships. 

I shared how it seems lately, as time is speeding up, that the dynamics of reltionships have been changing.  Young people are becoming more un-attached than ever before, and many couples are more apt to happily part and pursue thier own happiness rather than stick it out for years in what might not be the best situation for them.  They honor their partners decision to move on, and remain in the moment, present. 

Of course there is emotion, we are human and in form right now, but that comes and goes, and we are more focused on the present moment rather than entertaining the pain body and feeling the illusion of abandonment or rejection.  So… basically I asked her what her thoughts where on relationships.

I got to say, her answer caught me off guard a bit, but it wasn’t a shock.  Kim said “Be Married to Stillness.”  Wow!  That was a major take-away for me.  If I forgot everything about her talk and just remembered to put that into action, that would be all I needed. 

People, relationships, jobs, money… these are all, form.  They come and go.  People get divorced, money comes and goes, we change jobs, life happens.  To be attached to form is to live a lifetime of suffering.  And this goes the same for the human “form.”  Many times people define themselves by their appearance… man, that is the worst setup ever.  As they get older and gravity kicks in, they will only be setting themselves up for dissapointment as their looks change, wrinkles appear, and age presents itself.

Form is temporary.  Stillness is forever.

I think after I wiped tears from my face for the 20th time during her lecture, I noticed I was the only “girl” in the room crying.  LOL  You know us Scoprio’s… emotion, emotion, emotion.  But, I love the release and the cleansing.  I felt such overwhelming gratitude in the moment.  Just three years ago I would have understood about 20% of her talk, now I found it to be a delightful confirmation to what has already been brewing in my heart, and what I share in my lectures. 

Growth is the name of my game.  But even beneath that, is stillness.

So, I’ll meet you there… Here, Now.

Thank you Dhrumil for setting up this event, and thank you Kim for reminding us to look within.


By Philip on June 1, 2010 : (Read more from Philip)

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