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Overcoming The Poverty Mentality

Posted on October 15, 2011

I grew up in a pretty poor household. I’m talking about if I got 25 cents to put in the gumball machine at the end of the week I was doing pretty good kind of poor.

What I came to realize later on in life was that my childhood experiences set the foundation for a strong poverty mentality, that pretty much stayed with me for over 30 years. I was taught that money was the root of all evil, and that people with money (we called them rich), were selfish, and inherently bad.

Well you can imagine how an outlook like that would not only come to affect my finances, but also created many other negative patterns in my life. When I finally broke that mentality, wow, the world seemed so different. I’m not talking about just making money here, although that is a part of it, I’m referring to adopting an abundant outlook on everything!

Watch this video on YouTube

I have had this message brewing for awhile, and have received many comments about how to create an abundant life. In this video I share openly about my background, growing up, my negeative thought patterns, and how I changed it, and how you can to.

It’s a bit longer than my normal videos, but if this has been a hot topic for you, and you’d like to see more abundance in your life, give it a go.

Much love,

Philip McCluskey

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20 Responses to “Overcoming The Poverty Mentality”

  1. Talicia says:

    This was very powerful. Thank you

  2. Hey, this was a great video. I started going through this process about two years ago. Every now and then I’ll recognize small shadows of poverty in my life. The biggest challenge I’ve faced has been my family; who is still very caught up in this poverty mentality. They’ve responded with a lot of judgement like you have described (hating rich people, disapproving of purchases of nicer things, etc). I’ve tried to share the freedom I’ve discovered in abundance with them, but to no avail. Do you have any advice on how I can share what I’ve learned through this process in a way they might received it without sounding like i’m talking down to them?

    • Philip says:

      I hear you about that, the only thing you can do is keep shining really and know that all will work out as it’s supposed to. I introduce finance thoughts around the dinner table many times at dinner, and encourage discussion about it at times. But sometimes you really have to make the sift yourself to fully understand.

  3. Hunter says:

    I have been living with a poverty mentality for about 23 years. Thank you for sharing this video it is truly an eye opener for me. Once it was shared with me that I have a poverty mentality I didn’t know where to being to change it. Now I feel like I have gotten valuable information to start me on my way to being free from a mentality of poverty. Thanks alot.

  4. Frugalraw says:

    WOW…I really needed to hear this today – that you, Philip – for all that you do!

  5. Andrea says:

    WOW! This touched me in so many ways! I need your mojo in my life!

  6. Lucidius1982 says:

    again .. bless you … keep following your feelings … share your light.. helping others to be in their power … good work dude :)

  7. Sue Wiesbrook says:

    Very interesting video. I have been trying to eat well and lose weight for a long time. I realize that I just haven’t loved myself enough to really follow through. My mindset has not been in the right place.

    This have encouraged me to change the way I think about it.
    Thank you

  8. Blu Zebra says:

    What a beautiful thought! I am so happy that I happened on your site today. Be open to abundance and blessing. Give and be open to receiving. Wonderful! I grew up in a single parent household too. Many times I didn’t want to treat myself by spending money because I didn’t think what I wanted was important enough. So, yes it’s time to let that go.

    It’s amazing you know, we always hear how “money is the root of all evil” but the verse actually says that the “love” of money is the root of of all evil. It’s also funny because I’ve heard as well that wealthy people only think about money. But I often wonder if those who aren’t as fortunate think about all the time. Is there enough money to pay the rent, for groceries, for school clothes, to keep the lights on? Money is a daily topic.

    Being wealthy does not mean that a person does not have the higher priorities in order like love and spirituality. There are benefits to having money as it opens more of life’s possibilities in ways that poverty for the sake of poverty never will.

  9. Malika says:

    THANK YOU…….After procrastinating for almost a year now…I am going RAW today! You’re website defenitely gave me the final push!

  10. Shemin says:

    Just loved this video……it resonates with me with lots of other issues besides poverty mentality. With letting go of past programming and believing in what I want to attract and actually taking action in this regard is the way to go! Thank you so much for the great insightful video. Thank you for sharing……giving. I have done my receiving part and will now work on giving…. Great job!!

  11. Chana says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I can relate to what you are saying because I have been changing some things in my life since last year for the better. I became raw since April 2010 and have dropped 23 pounds so far. My husband had to borrow money to get us to our passionate destination for vacation to see if we really want to move there. Now we have that experience and want to move there permanently. Our daughter has been accepted in an elementary school over there in San Diego, but now it is time for us to make the money we need to create the actual relocation and move. This is where this video gives me a boost. I am working within my passion of web design and have made lots of accomplishments with this company and love my client, but money is still low. I feel frustrated by this. I see that my client can use this video too so that he can pay me what I am worth in the near future. I really like him, and can work with him for the rest of my life. However, he grew up with a very poor mentality and does not want to change so far. He will not listen to me and my husband. We care about him, but I think I will have to continue searching for better clients. I feel sad about this because it seems like such a good match. My clients limits me though!

  12. awesome- way to shake me up :)

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  14. I too had to break this mentality, especially the one that I am not going to go hungry, that my siblings are not going to take the food before I can.

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