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5 Steps For Transformation[...]

Have you ever thought things would never change?
Life, friends, job, weight, diet, happiness?

I sure thought they never would.  My routine was picking up fast-food on the way home from a miserable day of work, sitting on the coach, and stuffing myself while watching 4+ hours of movies every night.

There is nothing wrong with...

By Philip on March 5, 2008 : (Read more from Philip)

Ways To Use Wheatgrass[...]


Wheatgrass is one of the most amazing liquids that you can put inside your body. If you don’t know much about it here are some stats:

Lowers blood pressure
Cleanses the blood
Increases red blood cell count
Stimulates the thyroid
Stimulates the metabolism
Reduces over-acidity
Restores alkalinity

By Philip on February 24, 2008 : (Read more from Philip)

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