Daily Affirmations[...]

Many people have written asking me what my secret was for staying with raw foods for such a long time and one of the things I always mention is envisioning the life you want to live, and backing that up with daily affirmations. So I decided it was about time for me to put a video together to show you exactly what I mean.

I took some pictu...

By Philip on January 4, 2008 : (Read more from Philip)

Being Here Now[...]

I was watching a child in a coffee shop eat a brownie today.  He didn’t stuff it in his mouth absent mindedly, nor was he neat and perfect in his approach.  But instead he examined the brownie, poked it, prodded it, smelled it, and enjoyed it!  He put it down, picked it up, and truly was experiencing it all while looking and staring around ...

By Philip on January 2, 2008 : (Read more from Philip)

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Dare To Be Different[...]

Dare To Be Different

Well, here we are again, Black Friday.  You won’t catch me in the 5:00am line at Walmart, nor with ready fingers for the 3:00am online sale at Amazon.com.  This is a day that I usually choose to stay in and reflect on what I am thankful for.

This years Thanksgiving was quite special.  It is my second year being raw for the holida...

By Philip on November 23, 2007 : (Read more from Philip)

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