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Real Stories: Rawdawg Rory

Posted on August 25, 2009

From Philip:

I would like to introduce you to my good friend Rory.  Rory not only has made an amazing transformation with raw food, but is also a raw chef, author, and all around good guy.  One look at his smile and you can see him shine!  This is going to be a part of a new section on my site that shares Real Stories of Real People making change.  Email me if you would like to be considered for a feature.  Enjoy!

From Rory:

I had my first raw foods experience a few years ago when I took my wife to the Loving Life Café in New Oxford, PA. It was her 25th birthday and she had been vegetarian since she was a teen, so I knew she’d love the idea of a raw vegan dining experience. Being a foodie since I was a teen, I was up for trying just about anything. I ordered the raw taco dinner platter and it blew my mind! I was so amazed that you could concoct such a delicious dish with such amazingly healthy ingredients, all without cooking!

This transformational experience inspired me to look up everything I could find about raw vegan eatin’, and what I found was that so many people were overcoming health challenges, improving their physique, and feeling great. I had to try it for myself! I picked up a few raw recipe books, a food processor and set about with a goal of 50% raw meals everyday. As I learned more recipes and began concocting some of my own, I found it easier and more enjoyable to gradually climb to a higher and higher percentage of raw eats. Over the course of a year and three months I comfortably climbed to eating 100% raw foods, and not only did I shed 45 lbs but, a lot of annoying aches and pains vanished, my chronic sinus congestion and infections faded dramatically and I had a ton of energy! The following three months after hitting that 100% mark I dropped another 45 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 90lbs!

The main challenge for me starting off with raw eating was that a lot of the raw gourmet recipes I found used ingredients that I couldn’t pick up at my local grocery or health food stores. I didn’t want to live off mail ordered food and as much as I love making food, especially food that is so healthy, I knew that preparing complex dishes three meals a day was not an option! So I began concocting my own simple and tasty recipes using stuff that I could easily find locally. These recipes made my life as a newbie raw foodie so much easier and enjoyable! My wife and I thought it would be fun to share these recipes in the form of videos on YouTube to help make life a lil’ easier for the many other aspiring raw foodies out there. The feedback I received was amazing and it inspired me to keep going on my mission to spread the word and the “how to’s” of raw eating. My prior career pursuits had been toward organic farming, gardening and landscaping, but upon realizing the awesome benefits of raw foods my passion for the culinary world had been rekindled. I realized that by showing people how tasty and fun it can be to eat fresh fruits and veggies, I could help them and support organic farmers at the same time! I received my certification as a living foods chef by none other than Jody Allen of Loving Life Café (small world and wonderful coincidence that the owner of the café where I had my first taste of raw foods was also a certified instructor of living foods prep with over ten years experience!).

I continued on with sharing recipe videos and fun info through my website and have just recently released my ebook, Gettin’ Raw with Rawdawg Rory! In my ebook, I not only share over 100 tasty and doable raw recipes, but also my easy going and fun approach to eating more raw! There is also a good deal of info on the benefits of raw eats and how to get set up for adding more of these wonderful foods to your life!

After my initial weight loss I noticed that I had some extra skin, and that there wasn’t as much muscle under that flab as I thought. I didn’t wanna go for the “scrawny vegan” look so after doing some homework on something I never thought I’d need to research (gaining weight), I realized that I needed to start doing some anaerobic and resistance exercises. I started off with chin ups and push ups, and immediately could feel a difference between exercising pre-raw and now… almost no soreness! This made working out much more fun and practical for me. Prior to this I had avoided muscle building exercises because I dreaded the 2 – 3 days of stiffness that would follow. Now I could work out and feel fine afterword. I got really hardcore with the muscle building when we moved to CT and my sister challenged me to do the P90X program with her. I noticed crazy results and built muscles I never knew existed! Also the yoga and stretching exercises involved with the program seemed to be correcting the saggy skin issues. It naturally tightened up over time and is now reduced to less than 50% of what it was after my initial weight loss. The best thing I can recommend for anyone looking to bulk up and deal with excess skin is resistance exercise and yoga. One thing food-wise that helped with the bulking up was combining greens with raw fats. This combo allows your body to more easily absorb the amino acids in the greenage, which allows for a steady supply of goodies to build up your new muscle mass! My favorite recipe for these two is my “Green Vanilla Bean Shake,” which you can see me doing a recipe video for this tasty drink on my YouTube channel via my website

Many well wishes and props to everyone out there embarking on eating more raw! :0)