A Simple Strategy To Improve Digestion


Great digestion is a cornerstone to having excellent health. What we digest, assimilate and then eliminate is what forms our cells.

If we aren’t eating high quality, healthy whole foods we don’t have much chance at long term health and sustained energy.

If we don’t properly assimilate the nutrients from those healthy foods, we won’t get the nutrition our body needs to run optimally.

And if we don’t eliminate the waste from what we ingest, from the body’s normal renewing processes, and from modern day toxins and previous poor dietary and lifestyle habits, then we will be full of toxicity and waste that prevents proper digestion and elimination.

The first step to improving your digestion is to ensure you are eating only clean, high quality whole foods. Preferably organic or chemical free. And drinking plenty of pure water when you are first thirsty in the morning before eating, and also between meals. This alone creates huge change in how your body will digest food over time.

The second step is to chew what you do consume very well, so it is broken down enough for the nutrients to be pulled from your food.

The third step is to ensure you are having proper bowel movements by allowing time to go to the bathroom and not holding waste in when you are busy. I also highly recommend colon cleansing with enemas or professional colonics to help move out old, gnarly waste from those days of munching down on cheeseburgers, fries and bagels, that you washed down with wine, diet coke and a ciggie.

Once you have these steps in place, or as you are starting to take steps towards improving your diet and digestion, I recommend simplifying how you eat. As I said, this is not the first step. The first is to clean up your overall diet so it comes entirely from whole foods. But after this feels natural to you, as it already does for many of my readers and clients, there are other strategies that can help improve digestion further. Unfortunately, just eating a whole foods diet isn’t  always a digestion panacea with the toxic load from modern living.

You can start improving your ability to digest foods by simply eating fewer types of foods at once. If you think about the average restaurant meal, there’s often 15 or more ingredients between the obvious ingredients on the plate, sauces, spices and seasoning. While delicious, this can really make your digestion work hard. I by no means am suggesting you never eat a restaurant meal again; I love to eat out myself. But when you are at home, able to create your own meals and have full control over the ingredients, I highly recommend trying out some simpler meals.

An example might be having a beautiful salad with fresh, crispy romaine, green onion, juicy tomato, steamed broccoli and massaged avocado. Then simply add lemon and pepper to taste. This is a very simple meal of only seven ingredients including the pepper.

Or how about a delicious stir fry with bok choy, carrot, cauliflower, garlic and coconut aminos. Only five ingredients and totally delicious.

The simplest meal is a mono meal. I personally LOVE to have a mono meal of fruit for lunch most days. A mono meal is eating just one type of food at a time until you are satisfied. So that might mean a meal of just mangos, watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, tomatoes, etc. My favorite right now is a meal of either watermelon, nectarines or jackfruit.

While this may initially sound boring to some, when you have high quality fresh produce and only pick ripe fruits and vegetables that you truly like, this can be the most heavenly way of eating. You will know the second you have eaten enough because that food will no longer feel appealing, and every second up to that point you will want more.

Eating mono meals is a great way to reset your hunger and cravings by taking away extra stimulation from unhealthy foods, dressings, salt, spices and a combination of foods. Just think for example how much avocado you could eat as a mono meal with nothing on it, versus how much you could eat when it is made into guacamole with tomato, onion, cilantro, salt and lemon? I know I can eat a lot more of the latter, and am happy to do so, but it’s helpful to consider this.

Mono meals give your body just one food to digest. Provided you are chewing that food well and not overeating, which is hard to do with a mono meal, you will be setting yourself up for the best possible digestion.

I recommend trying mono meals for one meal a few days in a row to really experience the benefits of this simple way of eating.

Now over to you. Have you ever experimented with mono meals? What’s your favorite food to do it with? Share in the comments below and please like and share this post if you dig it.

By Casey on May 29, 2014 : (Read more from Casey)

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