Spicy Healing Green Juice (And How Healthy Is Green Juice Really?)


Green juice has a powerful ability to restore hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels in the body, especially when celery is used as the base. HCL levels are reduced by stress and toxins, and this negatively affects digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

That along with the detoxifying effects of green juice, it’s ability to nourish the body while providing digestive rest, and its incredible ability to concentrate the amount of nutrition we can get into our bodies at one time, make it an exceptional choice to include in your diet. Enjoy a large green juice daily, or as much as possible, always on an empty stomach for best assimilation of the nutrients.

Here’s a breakdown of how powerful the ingredients in this juice are:

Celery – a highly alkaline food that aids in digestion, relaxes the nerves, reduces blood pressure, purifies the blood, helps prevent migraines and clears up skin problems. Celery’s natural sodium content has the ability to dislodge calcium deposits from the joints so they can then be eliminated from the kidneys. Celery is a diuretic and is effective at flushing toxins out of the body. It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an essential food for those who suffer from auto-immune illnesses. Fresh celery juice is extremely powerful and healing and drinking 2 cups per day can quickly help to transform your health and digestion.

Cucumber – also very alkalizing and extremely hydrating, even more so than drinking water alone. Cucumber is rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, K, magnesium, silicon and potassium, and is also rich in antioxidants and enzymes, including erepsin which helps to digest proteins and destroy parasites and tapeworms. Cucumber juice is a fantastic detoxifier and helps to relieve digestive problems such as gastritis, acidity, heartburn, indigestion, and ulcers.

Romaine/Cos Lettuce – high in protein, omega 3 essential fat, calcium, iron and vitamin C (more than an orange!), and contains all 8 of the essential amino acids. The beta carotene and folic acid in romaine lettuce can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke, while the vitamins E and K it contains can help to balance blood sugar, strengthen muscles, bones and the immune system. Romaine also has sedative compounds that relax the nerves and calm the body, helping you to sleep well and prevent nightmares. Romaine is an ideal leafy green if you have joint pain or kidney stones, as it’s very low in oxalic acid.

Spinach – extremely rich in minerals, and high in protein, iron, beta carotene, and chlorophyll, all of which help to boost the immune system and keep your bones and muscles healthy. Raw spinach and spinach juice also help to keep your digestive system healthy and moving well (great for constipation!). Spinach juice will increase your energy, mood, mental clarity and even help your eyesight!

Lemon – lemon juice is highly alkalizing in the body, despite being classed as an acidic fruit due to its taste. Lemon is a wonderful detoxifier, and contains incredible antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-cancer properties. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, as well as many minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, silicon, copper, and potassium. Lemons help to eradicate putrefactive bacteria in the mouth and intestines, helping to alleviate excess gas, indigestion and constipation. Can you see the theme of how fresh green juices help constipation yet?! 😉  The limonene in lemon also helps to dissolve gallstones and kidney stones and can help to fight cancer.

Cilantro – contains more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables and is very rich in vitamins A, K and C, along with many minerals, including iron, calcium and magnesium. Cilantro is a powerful heavy-metal detoxifier, particularly for mercury and aluminum toxicity. Cilantro supports the health of the stomach, spleen, adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, bladder, and lungs, as well as reducing bad LDL cholesterol and raising good HDL cholesterol.

Barleygrass Juice Powder (25:1 extract) – one of the most nutrient rich foods in nature, it has been used since ancient times for medicinal and healing purposes. Barley grass Juice powder (not to be confused with barley grass powder) concentrates the nutritional properties of this food and is the easiest way for the body to digest, assimilate, and utilize its nutrients. Rich in vitamins A, C and B, and also minerals iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is also very high in absorbable protein and contains 20 amino acids, including 8 of the essential amino acids that the body can’t produce itself. Barley Grass Juice powder contains the enzymes fatty acid oxidase, cytochrome oxidase, peroxidase, catalase and transhydrogenase which help the decomposition of fats in the body proceed smoothly, helping to balance body weight. It’s high in chlorophyll, is highly alkalizing, immune boosting, and helps to inhibit the growth of disease bacteria. Barley Grass Juice powder also increases energy, aids digestion, relieves constipation, and improves the health of skin, hair and nails.

Jalapeño -a rich source of vitamins C and A, and also contains capsaicin which can be anti-inflammatory, metabolism boosting and supportive of healthy blood flow.

Now you can see how nutrient dense this green juice recipe is! You will begin to see the effects very quickly when you drink green juices like this every day, including a regulation of your appetite because the nutritional content is so high it reduces cravings for other foods.

Provided you like green juice and some spice, I think you’ll love this combination. If you don’t love the flavor of green juice, be sure to add the apples (as many as you like) to balance the flavor and add sweetness. If you’re not into spice or heat, or you’re sensitive to the nightshade vegetables/fruits, remove the jalapeño and cayenne pepper.

Spicy Green Juice


  • 10 large stalks celery
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1/2 head spinach, or 3 handfuls baby spinach
  • 1 small head romaine or 10 large leaves
  • 1 lemon
  • small handful cilantro
  • small handful mint
  • 1/4 jalapeño (add more or less as desired)
  • optional: sprinkle cayenne pepper
  • optional: 1-3 apples
  • optional: 1/2 tsp (or more) Vimergy Barleygrass Juice Powder


  1. Run each ingredient through a juicer, one at a time. If you have a centrifugal juicer like a Breville, you can fold the herbs in the romaine leaves to get more juice out of them.
  2. Pour the juice into a large glass and add the sprinkle of cayenne pepper. You can leave this out if you don’t want any extra spice.
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3 responses to “Spicy Healing Green Juice (And How Healthy Is Green Juice Really?)”

  1. Michele says:

    I just bought and juiced a bunch of green juice vegetables not I am concerned with all the pesticides that are on all of these greens. I am certainly not going to throw it away I have been drinking it but now I feel like I am just putting chemicals in my body and not getting the proper nutritional benefits

    • jackie says:

      Hi Michele,
      Did you buy organic veggies? I do that as much as possible, even though one cannot always be 100% sure those are OK either. Or did you purchase them from a local farmer? If so, do your best to wash the pesticides off and know that at least the nutrition is probably superior to what you get in the grocery store. It’s so hard for us consumers now days! We have to be diligent about all these things that people never worried about years ago. Do your best and try not to fret about the rest. At least you’re eating real food as opposed to processed stuff, which probably is full of GMOs.

    • Casey says:

      Michele, how strange, your comment just showed up for me now. Sorry for the late response! Organic is always better for sure, or thoroughly washing non organic produce in a bit of apple cider vinegar and water. If you look up “the dirty dozen”, it will give you a list of which vegetables and fruits to try to buy organic, if nothing else.

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