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Spring Water In Canada

Posted on April 26, 2011
Spring Water In Canada

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Spring Water

Ahhh, there is nothing like fresh spring water.

Really, there’s nothing like it.

I had been feeling a little bit in a tail spin from all my traveling lately, and haven’t gotten my hands on spring water in a bit. Well after speaking at the REBOOT Toronto (event pics) event this past weekend in Toronto, I was ready for it.

In the above video my buddy Elwin and I harvest some spring water right near a town called… Springwater. To water tasted so amazing, and I literally have been having 3 times more water than normal, because my body missed it so much.

Get out and forage your own. To find a spring in your area visit

Bed of Nails

In the line of doing things for ourselves…

Ever wonder what it would feel like to lay on a bed of nails? But in a way that doesn’t hurt. LOL

Yeah… me too. Well I just found the coolest product ever that pretty much duplicates it. The Spoonk!

It’s a 100% organic hemp mat designed to improve sleep, reduce backpain, and eliminate stress. I have taken 2 naps on it now and they have really been deep and refreshing when I wake up. I combined it with some peaceful music and deep breathing and was asleep in 30 seconds. Awesome!

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Philip McCluskey