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Sharing Australia

Posted on January 18, 2012

I recently got back from a 2 month Australian Tour called Sexy on Raw. I traveled to many beautiful places, like: Perth, Dunsborough, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and many more.

It was such a wonderful adventure, meeting new people, sharing the good news about health and raw food, and experiencing life on the other side of the planet. Sure there was trying times, times of growth, as there tends to be whenever I travel… but in the end all I can remember were the beautifully smiling faces, the wonderful beaches, and the sun.

Oh… the sun. I’ve never met a culture that loved you more!

So enjoy the video above of a few tour pics, then the rest are of the lovely sights of Australia. Thank you to all the wonderful friends that I met along the way that made this trip possible. You are the stars!

Much love,

Philip McCluskey