Vitamin C Booster Juice


Philip and I are visiting my homeland of Australia right now and it’s been quite the trip so far. We had an Australian wedding party to celebrate our marriage again, this time with my family and friends over here. We have been working full time (and then some) and fitting in seeing my family and friends at each opportunity. We’ve also been trying to get out to show Philip more of my home city and the surrounding areas so he can get to know my heritage and love of this land a little better. I’m so grateful we are here to experience this time together with the people and places and I love!

We are currently up north in Western Australia in a tiny little town called Exmouth. There’s not a whole lot here on the land, but the ocean…well, that’s another story. We are staying on my dad’s boat and enjoying the crystal clear waters, snorkeling, swimming, diving, time in the sun and a lot of quality time with each other and with my dad. So lovely!

I brought our juicer up north with us to use on the boat every day as it’s a daily food group for me. There couldn’t be a better time and place to enjoy fresh vegetable and fruit juices than in warm sunny weather surrounded by salty ocean air. Perfectly refreshing, hydrating and cooling…and straight up delicious!

Amongst the plethora of green juices, I’ve also put together a few fruitier juices for variety and because we have been drinking so much. Today I created this awesome juice recipe which is packed full of many vitamins and minerals, and especially vitamin C. It’s so tasty! I also added Vimergy chaga extract powder for the immune boosting benefits, making this juice super-charged with its nutritional benefits.

Vitamin C Booster Juice



  1. Run each ingredient through a juicer, one at a time.
  2. Add the chaga extract powder, stir well and serve.

What’s your favorite way to boost your vitamin C intake for immunity and energy?


By Casey on November 24, 2013 : (Read more from Casey)

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