What Is The Best Type of Water?

What Is The Best Type of Water

We all know that the human body is made up primarily of water.

The amount of water in an average weight male in generally around 57% of his total body weight, while an infant can be as high as 75%. As our age increases, our water weight decreases, meaning we get more dehydrated as we age.

(This would be a good time for a Water Superhero to bust through the door wearing a cape with a big W on it!)

Ok, so we know it’s important. Nobody wants dry wrinkled skin, lines on their faces, pasty white tongues, or any another 1000+ ailments that can come from dehydration. Water, yes, but what kind… Brita filtered?

Um, no.

Types of Water to Drink

Don’t even start me on this one. Bottled water is one of the biggest marketing scams around. Do you really think the water on the bottle comes from the spring in the picture on the label? Bottled water comes from “some source” that a company uses for bottled. Yup… some source.

Do I buy bottled water at times, sure. But I don’t trick myself in believing I’m really hydrating myself, it’s more to just hold me over. And when I do, I often add this to it.

This water is pretty funny. The distillation process turns the water into steam, then turns it back into water again through condensation. This process leaves all the impurities behind. It’s free from contamination, but a lot of people argue that it’s also stripped of its life force, and not as beneficial as we think.

Reverse Osmosis
This type of water in generally filtered, then forced through a membrane to cleanse the water. Effective against most inorganic contaminants, large molecules and ions. Slow process. Often wastes more water than it cleans.

Spring Water
Water that flows naturally to the surface, without need for a pump. This water flows from beneath the earth, from under strata. It’s often collected at a spring source, where you hopefully will find a pipe attached, which is convenient for filling up your own! Oh, and did I mention that it’s free.

So what do I feel your best option is, SPRING WATER!

Man can’t improve upon what Mother Nature has always provided for us naturally.

Spring water is amazing, invigorating, life affirming. The first time I ever bottled my own water was such a life changing experience. Not only was the water ice-cold and fresh, but it was the best tasting water I ever had. It was amazing, and I drank non-stop like a fish, as if I hadn’t really ever had what before.

Hmm, maybe I hadn’t.

But let’s face it, is everyone going to bottle their own spring water?

Unfortunately… no. So do the best you can and keep on smiling.

Life is better when you’re hydrated,

Philip McCluskey

Also, check out this quick spring water video I made with my buddy Elwin in Canada a couple months ago.

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